The Nurse Practitioner Bursary is a return service bursary of $9,000 or $18,000 per year for up to 3 years. It is an incentive to encourage nurse practitioners to practice in northern Alberta upon graduation.

The Nurse Practitioner Bursary is non-repayable if you agree to work in the north for one year in return for each year of bursary support received (see additional return service details below).

You may receive a Nurse Practitioner Bursary if you:

  • Have been a resident of Alberta for 12 consecutive months before the start of your program
  • Are enrolled in a Nurse Practitioner program program designated for provincial funding
  • Plan to live and work in northern Alberta upon completion of your program and sign a return service contract
  • Are considered a full-time student by your university

Return Service Commitment

Eligible applicants sign a return service contract with Alberta Enterprise and Advanced Education.

The $9,000 option: live and work anywhere in northern Alberta

If you are eligible for this bursary, you will receive $9,000 per year. Upon completion of your program, you agree to work and live anywhere in northern Alberta (one year for each $9,000 bursary).

The $18,000 option: live and work in a specific region or community in northern Alberta

Dependant on availability of a sponsor, you may receive $18,000 per year ($9,000 per year from the NADC and another $9,000 per year from the sponsor).  Upon completion of your residency, you agree to live and work in the area specified by your sponsor (one year for each $18,000 bursary).

To apply for this bursary, use the Northern Alberta Development Council on-line application.  Click here to start.  Our applications are also available in PDF form as a resource only. Paper applications will not be accepted.